Volumetric Environment Art

We can help create beautiful environments for that Volumetric data you just captured!

Extended Reality Game Art & Design

We can help with extended reality games and applications for design, art and consultation!

Games & Gamification Consultation

We are here to help with game design, UX and how to gamify anything from apps to life!

General 3D & Asset Creation

We are here to help with a vast knowledge in 3D and 2D art we can make what you need for any small or large projects!

"Ryan's been a contractor for Arcturus, where we produce tools and technology for working with 3D live action holograms. Ryan came to us as a 3D generalist, and was thrown into the proverbial deep end learning brand new technology and workflows. Ryan has been a quick learner and a efficient worker, getting up to speed and contributing fast. He responds well to feedback and technical direction, and always has friendly words to share at the start and end of each day."
Devin Horsman
CTO - Arcturus XR Studio

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